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Founder - Hood Advocate/Healer - Speaker - Creative- Mom- Human

Fun Facts

- Unapologetically Black and thriving

- Can't skate backwards

- Grew up very shy, socially awkward and introverted

- Cant and won't eat just cheese has to have meat on it

- I'm named after my mom's fav soap opera character but I am not dramatic... mostly lol

- Top fav jobs were customer service/cashier at the Mann Center and all the sport/concert arenas


Black X Existing

"Mother"hood X Black

My human experience began at the intersection of the third Black and female born child birthed by a single widow raised by a  southern runaway turned widow of 8 children raised in public housing.

Coming from a large family prepared me for this next phase. I was a nanny in college right before motherhood came by surprise via foster care and adoption at the age of 22. Immediately following my grandmother's death, gentrification led to the displacement of my mother, two sisters, brother, myself and cousin which then led to us becoming homelessness (lost our new house by fire). After a few months living in shelters and at my job, I finally got my first apartment. Shortly after, I took in a family member who I did not want to get even more traumatized and lost in the foster care system. Three years later, I also gave birth to my youngest.

Black X Hood Advocate

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