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Black Voyaguers Article


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Diary of A Black Mom

PhillyExperiences(Chrissy): I'm a human being, Black, healing, and dope. I grew up in North Philly in a large household that struggled with a lot of issues and traumas but still managed to provide us with good memories. My healing journey led me to me, my purpose, motherhood, and every business I owned. I live and love with no regrets.  


DiaryofABlackMom:   I love that “a human being, black, and dope.” 


PhillyExperiences(Chrissy): Thanks! 

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What Are You Growing Thru? Podcast

This episode includes sharing of me & my special guest, Chrissy, stories & lessons regarding of what pleasure is. We dove into an in depth conversation of how our individual childhood experiences that influenced our perspectives of pleasure. We share our personal lessons of pleasure & the lack of conversations surrounding pleasure. Pleasure is well-deserved; simple pleasures are essential to our lives.

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Spicy Pecan Podcast

Hair Healer Podcast..Coming Soon!

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Spicy Pecan Podcast

Sho Video

Passport Poppin' YouTube Episode

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