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About Our Founder

human. storyteller. hood advocate.

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Shot by Jenna (IG @black_girl_in_suburbia 

Good or bad, the hood raised me and at this big age of 39, I wouldn't change a thing it led me to become. And through those lived experiences I am thankful to have an understanding of what I had to do and need to do to heal the traumatized parts of what growing up Black in an underserved family and community resulted in. The media got most of the stories wrong and never took accountability for its role as it still thrives on a profit before people business plan.


Today's digital society removed a large portion of gatekeeping which makes room for humans like me to challenge the narrative and advocate for those who were raised like or relate to my story who are in need/want a better outcome. 

Philadelphia is STILL majority Black yet our tourism severely lacks ethical representation and city-wid impact. Philly Experiences offers an innovative, community-driven mission that uses immersive mural tours, experiences and digital guides as a vehicle to amplify Black existence, joy, healing, communities, resistance and stories. Our year-round events immerse visitors into the authenticity of the city from a native’s perspective while preserving the overlooked heritage and cultures of Philly’s Black and local residents.

Philly Experiences champions pillars such as:

  • 🌇Modern + Ethical Hospitality + Tourism

  • 🌇Social Impact

  • 🌇Economic Development

  • 🌇Community Building

I created Philly Experiences, a community-centered brand to add culture, melanin and authenticity to traditional, commercial, and flat-out boring walking tours in the city. My 'aha' moment occurred while lounging on the pink-sanded beach during a solo-vacay to Barbados. I craved a deeper connection to the island and wished I had a local to show me the genuine way of life on the melanin-rich island without the frills of cultural appropriation. I then decided that Philly visitors may desire the same thing, so I launched this passion project to give visitors a legitimate, pro-Black, pro-LGBTQ, and pro-hood tour. I genuinely recognize visitors as individual humans and guests instead of ‘tourists’ and invites them to travel through my city with curiosity and cultural appreciation.

With over 300 five-star reviews, Philly Experiences is your trusted reliable source for half day tours, private tours, and fully customizable itinerary planning for celebrations or corporate guests all year round.

Previous/current clients include:

  • Haverford College

  • TriCo Philly Program

  • Department of Homeless Services

  • Urban League of Philadelphia

  • National Council for the Social Studies Conference

Philly Experiences is perfect for locals, visitors, conference attendees, milestone celebrations, employee appreciation, students, and team bonding.  And I am proud to have created a brand where majority of our profit benefits our communities through reduced ticket costs for locals plus free community events and resources while also increasing traffic to Black businesses (at no cost to them) throughout Philadelphia.

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