My husband and I were in town for a little baby moon. We love to visit new places and explore their street art. Usually we just drive around, pull over and take pictures with pieces we love. When I saw this Morals + Murals experience with Chrissy, I decided to book it so we could explore the scene with a local. This was honestly the BEST thing we did during our stay. Chrissy is a natural storyteller. She has created an experience that reflects her love for her hood. It's real, its raw and it's full of insights told by someone who is proud of who she is and where she came from. If you're interested in exploring Philly like a local which includes riding public transportation, meeting locals and hearing incredible stories about neighborhoods that have changed and evolved (for better or worse) this is a tour that's worth your time.

Chestine - New York

First, if you clicked on Morals & Murals, there was something in your gut that told you to click. Go with that instinct. There are no words that could possibly describe the way I felt following Chrissy's tour. Everyone visiting the city should have to take this tour, especially if you are going to do other "touristy" things like visit the Liberty Bell. If you are a NEED to take this tour. Plain and simple.
Chrissy is an incredible story teller and human being. She loves her city, and it shows in each moment of the experience. 

Sara - Visitor

I felt very blessed that I received a one-on-one mural experience with Chrissy. She is graceful, direct, open, inquisitive, and an amazing guide. She got me to think and question what is in front of my eyes and how these beautiful pieces of artwork reflect past, present and future.

Anne - Visitor

Chrissy is an amazing story teller. I felt like I was being taken on a climatic journey as we walked through the streets of the Philly. I was amazed by the beauty and talent showcased in murals which decorate the hoods of Philly. I felt comforted by how knowledgeable Chrissy was on the background the mural creators and the history of Philly’s expressive art culture. I learned so much about black culture and history in Philly through this tour! This experience was invaluable and is a MUST for any cultural anthropologists and history geeks visiting Philly AS WELL AS all black people visiting Philly. Chrissy is an amazing guide for showcasing Philly’s vibrancy! She is funny, passionate, and observant. I will definitely be back with friends to experience this event again. Thank you Chrissy!

Trinity - Visitor

As a Philly native, it was great to go on a tour somewhere other than center city. Chrissy was the perfect host and guide. She made you feel comfortable and apart of the group and I would attend anything that she hosts...EVER!!!

Jacquelyn - Local

The Murals & Morals tour was my favorite part of visiting Philadelphia. I went on a business trip to do mural research. Chrissy was so informative and so brave sharing her story. I was so moved by the tour. She is amazing and so genuine. I love genuine people. Take this tour, you will leave feeling as if you have truly experienced Philly. Chrissy made me feel so welcomed as a tourist. This tour is where you can see the “real Philadelphia”, & not the gold casted city of illusions, because every building looks like a castle & the statues are casted in gold.

Taliya - Kansas


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I booked this experience with Chrissy for my fiancé and I, and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick off our Philly trip. Chrissy brought in amazing vibes, and we had such a good group that night- everything flowed effortlessly. The food, drinks, music, dancing, and people truly made for an unforgettable time. Chrissy is ALLLL about bringing you a local’s perspective - she knows her shht.

Nina - Visitor

Booking this experience I had no idea what my boyfriend and I were getting ourselves into. I’m soooo happy I chose the option I did! Our little group of 5, gained such a great bond, you would’ve thought we knew each other for years! Chrissy made everything so smooth, and she knows all the great spots to eat and party! One of the BEST EXPERIENCES I’VE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE! Man, to say the least BOOK MY GIRL CHRISSY, it’s a guaranteed GREAT TIME!!!

Taliya - Visitor

We had a ton of fun with Chrissy! She makes sure you are having a good time, gets everyone involved, encourages you to dance, drink, and turn up! Would definitely recommend if you want to see a local’s side of Philly and check out some black owned businesses you probably wouldn’t find on your own!

Ellen - Visitor

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