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Welcome to Philly Experiences

We are an award-winning brand that instantly connects guests to local Black owned businesses, communities, murals, untold stories/history, healing spaces, food and culture via:

- walking/murals tours
- digital city guides

- game nights
- wellness sessions

- party bus experiences

With over 300 five-star reviews, Philly Experiences is your trusted reliable source for half day tours, private tours, and fully customizable itinerary planning for celebrations or corporate guests all year round. We amplify everything Black and local making us perfect for solo guests, birthdays, conference attendees, families, bachelorette parties, students, coworkers, and locals craving authentic experiences through the eyes of Black Philly natives. Whether you're curious about recent local Black history, eager to support Black-owned businesses, or simply seeking to connect with natives, Philly Experiences has something for you.

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In a majority Black city where tourism generates a staggering 6 billion dollars, the lack of Black representation and more importantly impact for local communities is a huge issue Philly Experiences enjoy being the native owned, ethical solution to. We are a proudly Black, LGBTQIA+ and hood owned social impact brand. In 2024, it is disheartening to report that Black-owned businesses represent only 4% of all local businesses. This fuels our mission to directly support them through awareness, increased foot traffic/sales, and collaborations.

At Philly Experiences, every ticket or digital guide you purchase assists us in challenging the narrative of what is deemed the "hood" pre and post-gentrification and turn tourism dollars into free resources and community building events for our underserved locals and businesses at low or no cost to them.

Join us in the journey to amplify a better, Blacker THRIVING Philadelphia today.


Black, Native, Woman

& Queer Owned

We Honor the Stories of the Living + Our Ancestors

We specialize in small group tours/events to respect the communities we enjoy

Profit Supports Free Resources + Events for Locals


Intersectionality is Important in Curating our Experiences

Family Friendly & Adult Only Experiences Available

Curated for Guests Craving Black Joy +  Deeper Conversations

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“Travel changed me and it only took one trip to do so,” shares Watts. From her own experience learning about the issues faced by locals on a spontaneous trip to Barbados, Watts came up with the idea to share her story and the stories of her community — her black, LGBTQIA+, hood culture community — with travelers through her Morals & Murals Hood Tour. 

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"I would recommend Morals + Murals hood tour to anyone but especially to my white peers who are looking to deepen their understanding and knowledge of Black culture and history in Philly and understand how oppression and racism continues to thrive in our city today."

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Our #1 priority at Philly Experiences is providing great Philly Experiences. We feel confident that you'll enjoy your time with us. If you don't, let us know. We'll give you options to make it right which includes inviting you on another tour, experience or event, refund your ticket* or give you a credit for a future visit*. We know your time is valuable, and we appreciate your choice to spend it with us. *This money back guarantee is only available for general public tours and events and is not available for private group tours, digital guides/products or events.


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