I Am A Depression, Gentrification, Sexual Assault, Homelessness & Multiple Suicide Attempts Survivor Still Healing through Inner Child Wounds, PTSD, Codependency & Anxiety with Laughter, Boundaries, Meditation, Hood Experiences, Gratitude, Trap, Afrobeat, & LIVE Music, Affirmations, Honest Conversations, Twerking & Therapy and I Am Here to Tell YOU That You Are Alone In Healing By Any Means Necessary Either...Our Story Is Not Over!

Healing Jawn :: Hood Advocate :: Momprenuer

Chrissy...Proud Philly jawn, mom of two, hood advocate and founder of Philly Experiences LLC, a dope brand that amplifies Black, Latinx & LGBTQIA+ voices, businesses and culture with curated experiences that offers a counter narrative to how you view, support and experience Black & LGBTQIA+ culture! 


After a traumatic voiceless childhood, my methods of healing and expressing myself manifested through storytelling, photography, adopting my little cousin to keep her out of foster care, volunteering in the community and now curating Philly experiences. Now you know that I was not a shy, introverted kid thinking I was going to "grow up" and own a hood experience brand hosting thousands of dope people right?!? My ass is just as surprised as y'all are (lmao). As a matter of fact at one point in my teenage years I did think I was going to work the front desk at a luxury hotel where I would meet someone rich that would easily convince me to spend my life being pampered by them but yet here we are.  


Philly Experiences LLC originally started in 2018 as a passion project to give Black, Latinx and LGBTQIA+ travelers visiting the city alternative experiences to what is offered in downtown Philly but my Cheesesteak & Trap Music Bar Crawl, Morals & Murals: Tales From Our Hood & X Rated Game Night Experiences actually surprised even me by attracting EVERYONE and their momma (literally)! Travelers from all around the world sold out weekly experiences where many strangers became fast lifelong friends! I couldn't believe the deep connections that took place no matter what experience I hosted which let me know I have finally found my purpose...genuinely connecting humans. Eventually I said..hold up..something is bigger then me is also happening here with so many people LOVING hood culture just as much as I do..this might actually be a real business..let me grow up and LLC this jawn. 


Fast forward through a whole panderosa that shut down the world and changed our lives forever, Philly Experiences almost suffered the same fate as soooo many other Black businesses and boy was it scary! But with the faith of a mustard seed our elders keep preaching about I used this past year to heal from the endless tower moments in my life and to connect with the hood differently with a free self healing meditation experience that I still run to this day.. And I just quickly wanna say if you are reading this..YOU ALSO DID THAT SHIT...no matter how legal or illegal, healthy or unhealthy your choices it were..fuck it..YOU MADE IT..go head and hug yourself (and make better choices from now on you hear me?!)!

This one woman show must go on and I can not wait to meet you at a future hood tour, all new party bus experiences, community event, etc..You deserve to vacation how you want...period..sooo let's run these streets together! Start by booking your Experience HERE! 


See you in the hood!


Philly Experiences LLC

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All Philly Experiences are led with LOVE, LAUGHTER + PASSION!