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 Our award-winning, all-inclusive Black history walking tours are not just a journey through time; they're a celebration of today's Black cultures, existence, healing, resistance and joy curated to tap into all of your senses and feelings. Philly Experiences is committed to community building, amplifying Black intersectionality, and driving economic growth. 


Which tour should you try first? Here is our best tip: since all of our tours include Black murals, lesser-known stories and history, and community topics important to that neighborhood the walking tour explores, you will never miss out on what's important, all you need now is to decide on choosing the one that fits your schedule, appetite and/or your budget. Or just do all of them!

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Uptown Soul Food Tour

Join us in northwest Philly (20-minute drive from downtown) for a food filled fun walking tour connecting you today's Black culture, four soul food restaurants, fine art gallery and conversations with Black business owners in an historic neighborhood. This four-hour experience welcomes guest 18 & up. Grab your ticket(s) today! Adult Tickets: $75-$88

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COMMUNITY + ECONOMIC IMPACT: Every tour booked supports dozens of Black and LGBTQIA+ owned businesses throughout Philly via our personal lives and professional partnerships. We also provide locals with free resources and harm reduction events (creative classes, wellness pop ups, etc.).


Thank you in advance for supporting our dream of a better, Blacker thriving Philly!

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Walking Tour Gallery

:: What Our Guests Have to Say ::

I’ve done Chrissy’s Black Be Beautiful and Murals & Morals Hood Tour already, but I recently went on her new Soul & Food Tour. Such a great tour!! I discovered so many new businesses and learned a lot about Philly even though I live here. I loved that I was able to participate in ethical tourism, find & support new Black owned businesses, learn more about @gadphilly the new Germantown Arts District, and learn about the impact of gentrification from a native perspective and meet some awesome new friends all while enjoying delicious food! - Christina - Philly local
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