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Philly Experiences
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"...Seeing the power of community, and the raw beauty of a city- that's unfortunately shown in such bad light these last few years, was really lovely and refreshing. We even met someone that was a part of one of the murals! It was a magical day and experience. Morals + Murals Hood tour really is a must if you're looking for authentic Black Philly culture. No matter your race you'll have an amazing time because Chrissy is an amazing host!- Brianna (April 2023)

Industry Connect by PHLCVB 2023

When solo travelers, corporate clients, bachelorette parties, or conference attendees visit Philly, they crave more than a hot shower and comfy bed. What's happening outside of your hotel for the other 14+ hours of their day? Philly Experiences.


Being native, Black, LGBTQIA+ and woman owned allows us to host with intersectionality and passion for changing the narrative of the city's cultures. We give guests the ingredients for what makes Philly, Philly. Since 2018, we have been the growing trusted resource for Black centered tours, wellness experiences, and themed events immersing guests into local communities that your Black and non-Black visitors crave and demand on every trip.

Not only that, your staff deserves this even more being the front facing locals and natives who contribute so much to the flavors of Philly. Treat them to one of our Experiences for team bonding. Let's partner in showing solidarity in promoting Black, LGBTQIA+ and local Philly in the best way possible!

Join a Philly Experience on us, use code "PHLCVB613" for up to four of your staff (front desk agents, managers, bell hops, etc) to see why we have earned over 300 five star reviews + featured on TravelNoire, GtownInfo Hub + more!


We know you can only recommend what you actually experience to your hotel guests so join us from June 16 - June 30, 2023 on any available Experience (walking tours or. This code expires June 15, 2023, at 12pm, the day after the Industry Connections speed networking event held on June 13, 2023. Only one coupon availabe per hotel so book up to four guests for one singular day. Because we pride ourselves on intimate small group experiences, once dates are sold out, no additional slots will be added.

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Afrobeats + Heal 

90 Minute Stretching & Guided Meditation Session

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Ready to set the bar higher than your competition? An exclusive partnership with Philly Experiences grants you access to custom tours and experiences tailored to your brand's mission while giving your guests a one of a kind five star experience they will not get anywhere else.

Let us assist your brand in connecting deeper with Philadelphia's hidden gems, local businesses, and/or give them space to feel seen and heal in the comfort of your property. Book your complimentary discovery call below to find out how Philly Experiences can give your guests exclusive Experiences that cannot get anywhere else in the city.

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